R&D By The Sea...

We have recently finished our Research and Development process at the wonderful Marine Theatre in Lyme Regis.

Our R&D process has been all about finding the language of the show by testing lots of styles and ideas with small informal sharings to the public and invited audiences at the end of each week. In this time we have also lost a cast member for personal reasons but gained two fantastic members of our team through the placement scheme we offered earlier in the year; The wonderful Melissa who has been assisting designer Stella Backman with all things design and Chloe who is assisting director Chris Yarnell with all things direct-ey and who will now become assistant director on the project.

Melissa (Design placement) “Working with the Outbound Project was a great experience which taught me a lot about what it's like to work professionally in a creative setting. Everyone was very friendly and great to work with and I enjoyed learning new skills and gaining practice in a field I would like to work in in the future.”

Chloe (Directing placement) "The Marine Theatre has been an amazing experience. Having the opportunity to do research and development in such an interesting place, far from our normal environment is incredibly stimulating. The theatre itself is beautiful and it feels very community orientated and supported. Other than being a cracking group of people, The Outbound Project have really stretched my idea of ways to produce material and start a dialogue with the audience. I can't wait to see and show our finished product and hope I can come back to Marine Theatre with my own company one day."

Thanks to these two brilliant women, we have been able to bring so many ideas to life and cannot wait to follow their own work and have them back working on ours soon!

We have decided that we will be working with an invisible protagonist for the character of Tesla which is a stylistic and practical challenge that we are super excited about. We will also be trying to find ways of showing many of the different accounts of what happened in Teslas life as our research has shown so many equally interesting versions of the story

We ALSO have a crowdfunder up and running (much smaller than before) which will be funding little bits of set, costume and a LOT of batteries in order to bring this show to life. Our target is £1,500 and anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated and rewarded via our exciting incentives and opportunities.

Take a look at our crowdfunding link and video with some cheeky teasers and snaps from our time developing the show at Marine Theatre.

Hope to see you at one of our upcoming shows, there are plenty to choose from and hopefully many more coming soon!

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