Autumn has fallen!

Well here we now are in September after another busy Summer! We'll update you with everything that we've done since May and give you the scoop on whats to come!

Our last post documented the end of our Research and Development period for 12 Million Volts, since then we've performed the show at three different venues to lots of wonderful audiences!

In June we opened the very first performance of 12 Million Volts at Marine Theatre in Lyme Regis. Our final rehearsal week was filled with long rehearsal days and frequent dips in the sea, theatre-making paradise in the quaint sunny seaside town.

Following the very first performance we quickly returned to London and within two days we were getting in at New Diorama, the home of emerging theatre companies. We played two nights here, with a sell-out show, fantastic!

July was spent back in the rehearsal room, tweaking and fixing, clarifying and remaking and preparing the show for a week long run at The Space on the Isle of Dogs (I don't think I saw a single dog whilst I was there...).

August saw the final performance week of 12 Million Volts (for now) and such a beautiful space it was. The old church felt very suited to the story of Nikola Tesla, the son of a Priest, and I feel the show had more time to find itself during this week and evolved quite drastically. It always amazes me how much there is to learn about shows, the more you play the more there is to learn!

Whilst at The Space we led some workshops at the Roof Garden in Canary Wharf, it is absolutely stunning, a lovely patch of greenery amongst all the tall office buildings that seems quite other-worldly. If you have a chance, check it out.

The rest of August we spent Edinburgh sick, my first time away from the fringe for a few years and oh how I missed it! So many companies I am starting to learn more about and enjoy watching develop were constantly posting their exploits online and it looked like another fantastic festival! Meanwhile we were crafting a trailer for the show and putting together plans for the future!

You can take a look at the trailer here...

12 Million Volts Trailer Link

Which brings us to September! Over the next few months we will all be working hard on various different projects, performing, directing, bartending, escape rooming, and all the other things we do, and, as always, plotting our next Outbound Adventure.

We're hoping to tour 12 Million Volts in 2018, perhaps come to a theatre near you?

We are currently in the early stages of developing another show, more details to be leaked soon, 'leaks' are still in fashion right? HBO is ALWAYS doing it!

We'll keep you all updated, but before then, take a look at our trailer, some of our galleries on 12 Million Volts and follow us on Twitter and Facebook, that is where you'll get all the gossip!

We'd also like to share with you the news that one of our founding members, Stella Backman, has made the decision to leave the company to pursue a career in designing. Stella was the keen eye for both of our shows, the go to person for all design aspects, and she has left us with an incredible construction with 12 Million Volts. We wish her the very best of luck for the future. If you would like to follow her journey and check out some of her designs take a look here: Stella's Gallery

I'd just like to thank everyone that has helped us out over the past few months, to mention a few: Clemmie Reynolds at Marine Theatre, thanks for fighting for us and all the support you gave us at your little theatre by the sea, good luck on your next adventure. Everyone at New Diorama for being constant beacons of hope, offering space time and energy to help with absolutely anything. Greenwich Theatre for being home to some of our rehearsals and housing our set and props. East 15 Acting School for accommodating our last minute rehearsal needs. Arts Council England for the grant to help make it all possible. Chloe Christian and Melissa Cooney, our work experience students for all their hard work and dedication. Human Zoo Theatre Company for their advice and good will. Everyone at The Space for letting us perform and the support you gave us. Pete Rickards for the fantastic lighting design on such limited resources. Everyone who teched the show, filmed the show, photographed the show, and most importantly operated the smoke machine.


And I thank my Mum as well, whilst I'm at it...

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