The End of Another Year!

The Outbound Project is now two years old! Can you believe it?! Here is what we have been up to recently...

M.E.H (before the fourth angel, just after the second)

Work is underway for our tour of 12 Million Volts which will include a bit of rehearsal time early next year to get everything in the best shape we can. In the meantime, however, we have not been able to plug our creativity and so are beginning work on our third show!

The current working title is ‘M.E.H’ and the piece will focus on the idea of mass epidemic hysteria taking inspiration from the 1518 dancing plague case in Strasberg. The piece will also be looking at the autonomy of women in a modern context and the empathy and struggles shared by women in a contemporary setting.

For the first time we are working with a writer - in this case it’s the wonderfully talented Sophie Cairns. Sophie is a playwright and theatre-maker who trained in devised collaborative theatre at Dartington College of Arts. She recently graduated from Goldsmiths University with a Masters in Writing for Performance. Her work to date has been shown at venues such as the Brockley Jack Theatre, Aberystwyth Arts Centre and The Battersea Arts Centre. Also she’s awesome and we are currently in the exciting throws of R&D, trying to find the story and the world.

We’ve done a three day initial R&D period with most core company members and three additional theatre makers which gave us a real sense of what we wanted (and didn’t want) to achieve. After this we went into a week with Third Angel in Sheffield, this included mentoring from Rachel Walton for whom we all are now in awe of and greatly indebted to. This week involved some core company members, writer Sophie and saw Chloe Christian (our angel of an assistant director from 12MV) return to our great delight. The week also included many Yorkshire pudding wraps which we didn’t know existed until then and are now hooked!

We also were also very fortunate to work with four of the graduate year students of East 15’s BA physical theatre course, for us this was a real treat to go back to our old course and offer some professional work to such talented women.

That’s us for now, so in the meantime - Merry Christmas and a very happy new year from all at Outbound HQ xx

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