Our first production The Mission is a devised piece about how the exploration of space has pushed and motivated humanity.

The Mission follows a journey of discovery inspired by the past, present and future of Space Exploration. We follow the story of Jenny, an ordinary girl given an extraordinary Mission. Will Jenny help secure a future for mankind? Does Space hold the answer when all is lost? And just what have we learnt from Space Missions of the past?

The Mission explores the mankinds endless curiosity and ambition with Outer Space, telling the story of Jenny with a small ensemble cast, movement, puppetry and an exciting soundtrack.

"...fiercely intelligent...relentlessly imaginative...philosophically and emotionally honest."


"...this company are clearly setting out on a journey that deserves attention."

—  Theatre Bubble

Cast & Creative Team      


devised &

produced by

stella backman

lucy bishop

martin chime

jordan turner

chris yarnell

the company


Les Enfants Terribles Partnership Award

in association with Greenwich Theatre


march 2016


august 2016

september 2016


september 2016

september 2016

theatre N16

pleasance courtyard,

edinburgh fringe festival

greenwich theatre

new diorama theatre

amanda roocroft theatre, runshaw college

"...fantastic in their performance...

their physical work is superb."

—  Exeunt

We are extremely grateful to

all that supported this production,

from crowdfund donations

to creative advice & guidance.

thank you so much!