We are very proud to have been the first winners of the Les Enfants Terribles Partnership Award in 2015.

This award, given in association with Greenwich Theatre, led to us taking 

'The Mission' to the Pleasance Courtyard at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Les Enfants Terribles is an incredible theatre company that creates exciting experiences and supports upcoming theatre companies.

Marine Theatre are supporting the production of our second show.

Following on from the success of

The Mission', we will be co-producing

our next production with the help of

Marine Theatre as part of their

'R&D by the sea' scheme.

This will include some free showings

at Marine Theatre in April 2017

as well as a series of workshops

and skills classes, details of which

can be found here.

The New Diorama Theatre run a multitude of programmes supporting theatre companies in a range of different work.

The invaluable advice and guidance that

they provide inspires work that is consistently exciting and fresh. 

Check out what the New Diorama

have on because they are

a wonderful source of inspiration!

Our first production, 'The Mission',

was crowdfunded by 116 supporters raising over £5,000 in order to help us take the show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We are very grateful for their generous support and have created a very special logo in honour of our supporters. 

A very special mention to Chorley Group who gave a very special donation of £1,000, which afforded Caitlin Finney the opportunity to perform with us at Greenwich Theatre in September.

Chorley Group sponsored Caitlin's trip down from Preston and it was a joy to work and perform with her on stage!

Greenwich Theatre is a large theatre space that is home to a vast variety of theatre performances - from pantomime to musicals to new writing and studio based work.

We have cultivated a comfortably base at Greenwich Theatre to create our

shows, rehearse and perform. 

They have two performance spaces:

the main space which is a large 421-seat performance space, as well as

a more intimate studio space.

After the core members of the company trained at East 15 Acting School,

we were very grateful to receive a grant from the University upon graduation.

This initial grant was the beginning of

The Outbound Project.

We continue to build our relationship with East 15, and perform at their Clifftown Theatre in Southend.

We are happy to have been supported by these incredible institutions to help us begin to create our own work.

the point.png

We are delighted to have been chosen as associate artists with

The Point, Eastleigh. This will include rehearsal support,

producing & mentorship.